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Spring’s Bounty (Let’s Lunch)

Posted in Manna on April 11th, 2014 by Annabelle – 6 Comments


Welcome to the April edition of Let’s Lunch!  This month’s theme is blissful simplicity: three ingredient recipes.  I’m not normally a pared-down sort of a cook, with one exception: the preparation of beautiful seasonal produce.  Sometimes, it’s best just to let Mother Nature speak for herself.

Coincidentally, this is the time of year when I inevitably become obsessed with spring produce.  You will note that I do not say that this is the time of year when spring produce shows up in our local farmer’s markets.  This is the North, folks.  This is just the time of year when I feel like it ought to be showing up.  I’ll be delighted to see it in another month when it actually arrives.

In the spirit of spring fever, however, I picked up some lovely asparagus that probably flew here from California, and gave it just a tiny bit of help to make it special with a dash of truffle oil.  Turns out, this may be just enough to tide me over until May.

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