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Happy Leap Day!

Posted in Life on February 29th, 2012 by Annabelle – 2 Comments

Happy February 29th!  There’s something a little crazy about the thought of it, isn’t there?  Sure, I know the earth doesn’t orbit the sun in exactly even numbers of days, adjustment is needed, blah blah blah.  But the fact is, this day doesn’t exist most of the time.  It’s almost mystical.  That really calls for something special.  Here are my thoughts on how to use this day to advantage:

  • If you are salaried, point out to your boss that he/she has not paid you for this extra day and you are therefore taking it off.  Have you been complaining about something you’ve been meaning to do but have had no time for?  Go do that.  (If what you’ve been complaining about has been not being able to muck out the bathroom or fix your plumbing, sorry about that.)  Tomorrow, go back to your normal life and express surprise that what you’ve been meaning to do is suddenly done!
  • Consider this one of those “missing days” you get in sci-fi shows or movies like “Groundhog Day” where no one will remember what you did and all consequences will be reversed at midnight.  Go out and do all the things you would do under those circumstances and see if anyone does in fact remember them tomorrow.  (Buying some nice note-cards for apologies might be advisable in case we are not in fact living an episode of “Stargate.”)  Reporting on any such experience is welcomed.
  • If you are heavily pregnant and really hoping not to have your kid’s birthday come around only once every four years, meditate.  Focus on your breath and soothing thoughts.  Sleeping puppies, Wonder bread, mayonnaise.  Do not think about the Republican primaries.  Avoid spicy foods.  Cross your legs.  Good luck.
  • Compose an ode to things that leap.  Grasshoppers, badly damaged vinyl records, frogs from Calaveras county.  Extra points awarded for haikus, sonnets, and sestinas, particularly if the subject matter is totally preposterous when put into that format.  Please feel free to post in the comments.

The wormhole ends at midnight, folks.  See you there!

Fun Girl-Gifts!

Posted in Frippery, Life on February 20th, 2012 by Annabelle – 3 Comments

Tea Leaf Reading Kit from Uncommon Goods.

If you’re a woman, shopping for other women usually isn’t too hard.  Even if it’s someone you’re not terribly close to, there are the standard chick gifts: scented candles, bath products, chocolates…  (I hear the process of shopping for women is an impenetrable mystery for guys, but I can’t really speak to that myself.)  Still, there are times when you get bored of picking out yet another picture frame, however gratefully received.  If you find yourself falling into the trap, here are some fun alternatives that will keep you and the woman who receives them awake.  (And if one or two of them happen to stumble their way into your place, well, quality control testing is called for, no?)  My selections after the jump.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts… for the Non-Hallmark Crowd

Posted in Frippery, Life on February 2nd, 2012 by Annabelle – 5 Comments

For the traditional set: art glass by Robert Held.

February at last!  I’m generally not a fan of February; here in the north, it is often the time for the most abysmal weather of the year, and not much to compensate for it.  However, this year I’m seeing three events to look forward to this month: a leap day (must think of something good to do with “extra” day), Jason Wu for Target (starting the 5th; I know, I’m easily excited), and Valentine’s Day.  The local Walgreens are already full of pink and red M&Ms, and all the blogs and talk shows are starting to put out their gift guides for this year’s festivities.

Permit me to add my two cents on Valentine’s day gifts.  Here are a few selections for those who are not anticipating dressing up in pink on the 14th.  I should note that if your SO is expecting dinner at Per Se and/or will be offended if there is not a card using the words “soul mate” involved, you should probably not take any of my suggestions.  I admit, I once made a boyfriend about 15 dozen pink and white M&M cookies for Valentine’s day just because I knew it would annoy him.  But my suggestions are fun all the same.

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