Readers may notice that a lot of fiction happens around here; while some of it is unrelated, there are a few characters whose lives I keep returning to.  To make life easier for anyone interested in catching up, below are lists of each of the related stories in rough chronological order.  For the most part, the pieces are not part of a formal story sequence, so feel free to read them out of order.

Cynan lo’Meridas and his family:

For anyone wondering, Cy lives in the capital city of Calere, the setting for “Uneasy Lies the Head” and possibly also “Driven,” but some years later.

Other Caleran Chronicles:

Camilia Demanu, Raicha Ameru, and their family:

Also set in Tacar:

 Fairy Tale Retellings:

Other Fiction (see e.g. everything else):

Questions and comments are welcome, and as always, thanks for reading!



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