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Fun Girl-Gifts!

Posted in Frippery, Life on February 20th, 2012 by Annabelle – 3 Comments

Tea Leaf Reading Kit from Uncommon Goods.

If you’re a woman, shopping for other women usually isn’t too hard.  Even if it’s someone you’re not terribly close to, there are the standard chick gifts: scented candles, bath products, chocolates…  (I hear the process of shopping for women is an impenetrable mystery for guys, but I can’t really speak to that myself.)  Still, there are times when you get bored of picking out yet another picture frame, however gratefully received.  If you find yourself falling into the trap, here are some fun alternatives that will keep you and the woman who receives them awake.  (And if one or two of them happen to stumble their way into your place, well, quality control testing is called for, no?)  My selections after the jump.

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