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Standing in the Flames

Posted in Fiction on December 13th, 2012 by Annabelle – 7 Comments

It pressed on Michael from the moment he walked in the gallery door.  The last exhibition of Itu experiential art, and it was packed, but the crush of humanity was hardly more than a thread against the overwhelming presence of the art.  The almost tangible buzz made him stumble and apologize to a woman who barely knew he was there.  A pickpocket’s dream, if only there were earplugs for the mind.

Michael looked out over the swimming room and saw him. A slouched figure, strangely alone, in front of a jangling, twisting work in the corner.  He closed his eyes, then pushed his way across, deliberately avoiding looking at the other man.  He fixed his gaze thoughtfully on a corner of the frame, trying not to see the art itself, and spoke.

“I was afraid you’d be here.”

A sharp laugh, and a twitch of the hand.  “You did say you wanted to say goodbye.”

“This isn’t what I meant.”  He slanted his eyes left.  “You look terrible.”  It was true.  Lucien was gaunt and jittery, unshaven.  Worse, the same consuming aura that radiated from the art seemed to spark from his skin.

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Trifecta: Flight

Posted in Fiction on August 8th, 2012 by Annabelle – 10 Comments

Their bedroom was a disaster zone, clothing that had been pulled out of drawers strewn on random surfaces and briefing papers everywhere.  She sighed.  “Sam, did you deal with that insurance issue?”

“Sorry hon, I totally forgot about it.”  He looked up from the collection of gadgets he’d been fussing with on the bed.  “It’ll keep until I get back, I still need to finish that paperwork anyway.”

When he got back.  “Could you not be so cavalier about it?”  It irked her, the way he acted as if he was doing nothing more consequential than hopping a flight to Boston for the weekend.

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