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Valentine’s Day Gifts… for the Non-Hallmark Crowd

Posted in Frippery, Life on February 2nd, 2012 by Annabelle – 5 Comments

For the traditional set: art glass by Robert Held.

February at last!  I’m generally not a fan of February; here in the north, it is often the time for the most abysmal weather of the year, and not much to compensate for it.  However, this year I’m seeing three events to look forward to this month: a leap day (must think of something good to do with “extra” day), Jason Wu for Target (starting the 5th; I know, I’m easily excited), and Valentine’s Day.  The local Walgreens are already full of pink and red M&Ms, and all the blogs and talk shows are starting to put out their gift guides for this year’s festivities.

Permit me to add my two cents on Valentine’s day gifts.  Here are a few selections for those who are not anticipating dressing up in pink on the 14th.  I should note that if your SO is expecting dinner at Per Se and/or will be offended if there is not a card using the words “soul mate” involved, you should probably not take any of my suggestions.  I admit, I once made a boyfriend about 15 dozen pink and white M&M cookies for Valentine’s day just because I knew it would annoy him.  But my suggestions are fun all the same.

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Animal Print Identification: The Trend-Follower’s Field Guide

Posted in Frippery, Geekiness on January 11th, 2012 by Annabelle – 3 Comments

THIS is what leopard print looks like, people.

We live in the age of animal print, dear readers.  If you follow fashion, you can hardly have missed the explosion of animal and “tribal” prints that have been all over the stores for the last few years.  Leopard print remains insanely popular, but has also gotten a bad rap in horrifying 80s garments like leotards and leggings (that’s right, I hate leggings), so much so that designers have started manufacturing variations on the theme and labeling them with the name of whichever wild cat strikes their fancy.  The fact is, there are a lot of cats out there with rosettes or spots, but if you think a snow leopard’s coat looks like a serval’s, you have not been looking.

As a fashion-lover and amateur naturalist, I have to take a stand.  Here’s the truth: even if you think that “cheetah print” sounds sexier/trendier/more luxurious than “leopard print,” if your fabric has rosettes, it ain’t cheetah.  Observe the leopard at top.  Purty, isn’t he?  His so-coveted coat involves small, mostly uniform rosettes with no spots inside.  We’ve all seen the pattern a million times.  Taking that same pattern and labeling it cheetah does not make it so.  To illustrate: read more »