“You did that?”  Cy looked dubiously at a length of fabric so sheer that he could almost see through it and then at the sister who was holding it.  She was twelve.

“Don’t touch it!”  Make that twelve and bossy.

“I wasn’t going to.”  Cy looked guiltily at his callused hands.  He’d been a disaster with the finer cloths even before he’d joined up, and now?  Five years of continuous sword drills had left him with hands that would snag silk from three feet away.

A snicker came from the doorway.  “Eleven years of age and all that military training and Cala’s still in charge, huh?”  Their brother Brev, nineteen and the sanest person in the family, leaned against the doorframe, grinning.

“Strategic choices,” Cy responded promptly.  “We pick our battlefields.”

“Right.”  There was a wealth of brotherly disbelief in his tone.  Cy grinned.

“I’m just making sure Cy doesn’t go stumbling into the weave like a drunken cow the way he usually does,” Cala said, in exactly their grandfather’s inflections.

Cy’s shoulders started to shake.  “Yes, ma’am.”

She narrowed green eyes at both of them but went to put the fabric away.

“She’s been learning to do the books in her spare time,” Brev commented.  Cy raised an eyebrow.

Cala folded the fabric into a cupboard.  “Well, someone has to do it.”

“That someone apparently not being you,” Cy said to Brev in an undertone.

“Which is funny given that I’m the one who’s been doing the books for the last two years.”

“Well, it’s certainly not going to be the soldier of the family.  I’ve seen your math,” she informed him smugly.

Cy grinned.  “No, ma’am.”  Then he leaned down and smashed a kiss onto the top of her head.

She crossed her arms stubbornly.  “You’re not going to be able to do that forever, you know.  I’m going to be tall.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  He laughed.  “I believe you.”


This week’s new Write at the Merge prompt at Write on Edge gave two words for inspiration: “gossamer” and “affinity.”  While I didn’t use either word directly, they seemed like the perfect inspiration for examining the relationship of a boy from a weaver’s family with his siblings.  So, another small visit to Cy and his family.  (For more of Cy, click on the “Calere” category on the sidebar.)  Thanks for reading!

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  1. angela says:

    I love the easy teasing and adore the line, “I’m going to be tall.” Good for her!

  2. Ah, brilliant sibling dynamic. Love where you went with the prompt. This is a charming scene!

  3. Amanda says:

    Light, fun, and very well-written. I love it!

  4. Wisper says:

    The dynamic you’ve created here is wonderful. It flows so naturally. Well done!

  5. May says:

    It really is natural. I began reading and then looked ahead trying to decide if it was fiction or memoir. To me that is a huge compliment!

  6. sonya says:

    I like the way you approached the challenge as well. Good job!

  7. Annabelle says:

    Thanks for all the love! I’ve never actually written anything with Cala in it (she’s just referenced in The Draft), so it was fun to finally “meet” her.

  8. Cameron says:

    The words are there, just below the surface of the piece. Clear as day! And the relationship between the siblings is so very well done!

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