Trifecta: Heart

Voices from the courtyard met Camilia as she entered.  She smiled and paused under the arch to enjoy the daily spectacle only she got to see: the empire’s most notorious young rake playing with her children.

“And how are you going to get there?”

“ELPHANT!”  Aleish bellowed.  Cahleina giggled.

“Vash!  What are you teaching them?”  Camilia struggled to keep the laughter out of her voice.

“Mama!”  Cahleina scrambled to her feet.

“We were just talking about what an imperial procession should look like.”  His wicked look was the same that had thrilled the hearts of so many inappropriate noblewomen, and it made her laugh to see it here.  The great secret of her household: her lesser husband’s steady heart.

“There is no room for an elephant in the stables,” she said severely, raising an arm to receive the daughter who barreled into her leg.

“Elphant.” Aleish gave her a rebellious look.  Avash’s face was alight with mirth.  Camilia completely lost control over the smile.

“Maybe at the summer palace, sweetheart.”  At least there they wouldn’t have to coax it through the streets of Maj Delumai.  Triumph!  Aleish was off running in circles. Trumpeting noises rang off the stone walls.  “You are terrible.”

Avash gave her an amused look as he strolled over.  She shooed Cahleina off to chase her brother.  “Cahleina asked me if Dahla was a witch yesterday,” she continued.  “I know they’re not getting these things from Sahmin.”

He laughed.  “That could just be intuition.”

Camilia let out an undignified sound that was half snort, half laugh, and leaned into his arm.  “Another might be nice.”  She saw the tilt of his head out of the corner of her eye but didn’t turn. She wasn’t worried.  He was devoted to them both, even though he knew Cahleina was certainly Sahmin’s.

“A three elephant parade is more impressive than a two elephant parade.”

Her shoulders shook as she raised her face for his kiss.  “It is.”


Welcome to this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge!  This week’s prompt called for 33 to 333 words on the third definition of the word HEART:

1: a hollow muscular organ of vertebrate animals that by its rhythmic contraction acts as a force pump maintaining the circulation of the blood
2: a playing card marked with a stylized figure of a red heart
3: personality, disposition <a cold heart>

This is a sequel to The Newlywed and Fireworks (in that order).  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Carrie says:

    a delightful tale. They have quite an interesting relationship…

  2. Gina says:

    A three elephant parade is a real parade. And a summer palace? Stellar! Lucky kids. I’ve also asked if someone was a witch before…or maybe that was a B….. Never mind. Great addition to your storyline.

  3. that was full of the warmth of family. it made me smile. very nice!

  4. Michael says:

    Someday, I should like very much to see a three elephant parade. Or an any-elephant parade, for that matter. 😛

  5. Sandra says:

    A charming tale! And still leaves room for more!

  6. May says:

    The cadence of your fiction feels so natural. The reader is pulled in and floats along with the piece.

  7. I love the tone of this piece and the easy, natural flow to it. Thanks for linking up. Please come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

  8. R.L.W. says:

    Fun scene. I agree with Michael, I’d love to see an elephant parade… especially in a summer palace.

  9. sonya says:

    Nice! Good job.

  10. The dialogue in this one is really natural. I was swept into the story.

  11. Annabelle says:

    Thanks, everyone! I enjoyed writing this one. Avash is really rather a good sort under all the trouble.

  12. Jester Queen says:

    “lesser husband’s ”

    Whew! I love the way you evoke an entire society in a single scene or even line.

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