Saturday Short

No Robots from YungHan Chang on Vimeo.

Thanks to SF Signal for bringing this charming little short to my attention.  “No Robots” is a student film, from San Jose State University, directed by Kimberly Knoll and Yunghan Chang.  It’s a little bit about robots, a little bit about humanity, and really, really sweet in addition to being beautifully done.  The surprise kittens just about killed me.  Totally worth five minutes of your day, even if you’re not a huge sci-fi person.

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  1. sonya says:

    That’s very well done!

  2. Do you see the Dune and Lord of the Flies on his bookshelf at 1:40 or so? I was so sad that he wanted to make it right in the end but really only could partially do so.

  3. Annabelle says:

    I saw that! And I have been intermittently poking my sculptor and saying “he’s going to get the robot’s neck fixed, right?” I’m telling you, it’s the kittens.

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